Fuso MP35 School Bus 6 sp Auto

Fuso MP35 Fuso MP35

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  • Bus Model: MP35 School Bus 6 Sp. AUTO (MP35FPGRFAA)
    Length: 11.4M
    Configuration: 46 - 50 People (11 or 12 rows)
  • Engine Version: FUSO 6M60-T2 Diesel
    Configuration: 6 Cyl. In-line OHC, 4-Valve
    Type: Variable Geometry Turbo Charged Air to Air Intercooler
    Displacement: 7.5 litre (7545cc)
    Bore: 118mm
    Stroke: 115mm
    Power (ECE R85-00): 199kW @ 2500 rpm
    Torque (ECE R85-00): 785Nm @ 1100-2400 rpm
    Maximum Engine Speed: 2900 rpm
    Cooling System / Oil Cooler: Water cooled, 30.0L capacity/ Plate type engine oil
    Emission Control: Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF)
    Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR)
    Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR)
    Emission Level: Complies with ADR80/03 using JP09
    JP09 pollutant levels well below Euro 5
  • Version: Allison Automatic T310
    Type/Speeds: 6 Speed Without Retarder
    Features: Oil Life Monitor Function
    Generation 5 Control Systems
    Ratios: 1st: 3.490
    2nd: 1.860
    3rd: 1.410
    4th: 1.000
    5th 0.750
    6th 0.650
    Rev. 5.030
    Torque Convertor/Stall Torque Ratio: TC419/2.02
  • Axle Version: FUSO F900B
    Type: Reverse "I" Beam
    Max Loading: Front 5700kg
    Rear 10800kg
    Total 13970kg
  • Type: Full Floating Hypoid
    Axle Version: FUSO R8BR/(D8H)
    Ratio: 6.66:1
    Max Loading: Front 5700kg
    Rear 10800kg
    Total 13970kg
  • Type: Two Airbags, 4 Link with Double Acting Shock
    Features: Increased Ride Height Function
    (+50mm below 20km/hr)
  • Type: Air Suspension
    Details: Four Airbags, 4 Link with Double Acting Shock
    Absorber and Stabiliser Bar
  • Type: Air Over Hydraulic Dual Circuit Drum
    Auto Slack Adjusters, ABS
    Size Front: 410x160mm
    Size Rear: 410x220mm
    Park Brake: Rear Wheel Spring Actuated
    Auxiliary: Engine "Powertard" plus Exhaust Brake
  • Type: Integral Power Assisted Ball and Nut
    Steering Column: Tilt/Telescopic Adjustable with Lock
  • Wheel Type: Steel Disc Rims (Spare Provided)
    Wheel Size: 22.5x7.5
    Wheel Stud Pattern: 10x335mm PCD ISO
    Tyre Size All: 11R22.5 148/145
    Spare Tyre Carrier: Provided
  • Injection System: DENSO Common Rail System Electronically Controlled
    Direct Injection
    Fuel Capacity *: 300 Litres (2x150 Litre tanks)
    Filtration: Filter with Water Separator and Dash Indicator
    AdBlue Exhaust Fluid Capacity: 40 Litres
    Speed Limiter: Speed Limited 100km/h
    Notes: *Max Fill to approx 95% of Air Capacity
  • Type: Compound Structure utilising Integrated Monocoque
    Rahmen Truss Structures
    Rollover Strength: Approved to ADR59/00
  • Voltage: 24V Negative Earth
    Alternator Capacity: 24V-180 amp
    Starter Capacity: 24V-7.0kW
    Battery Capacity: 2x12V, 120Ah/5hr
  • Width Overall Outside: 2490
    Width Overall Inside: 2305
    Width Front Track: 2065
    Width Rear Track: 1815
    Front Door Opening: 765
    Length Overall: 11450
    Length Front Overhang: 2200
    Length Wheelbase: 6000
    Length Rear Overhang: 3250
    Height Overall: 3165
    Height Ground to Front Axle: 205
    Clearance Approach Angle (degrees): 9.3 (10.6)º
    Clearance Departure Angles (degrees): 9.1 (9.8)
  • Instruments:
    Gauges Speedometer
    Fuel Level
    Water Temperature
    Air Pressure (x2)
    AdBlue Level
    Colour Information Display:
    Fuel Consumption
    Service Indicators
    Hour Meter
    Oil Pressure
    DPF Information
    Windscreen 2 Piece
    Side Windows:
    Lower Section bonded
    Upper Section sliding type
    Rear Window:
    Single Piece
    External Under Body Storage Bins:
    No. of Bins 5
    Bin Dimensions:
    1 LH & 1RH - 795mm(L) x 400mm(H) x 630mm(D)
    1 LH & 1RH - 545mm(L) x 400mm (H) x 630mm(D)
    1 LH - 1210mm(L) x 400mm(H) x 630mm(D)
    Driver Comfort & Features:
    Driver''''''''''''''''s Seat Low Back Mechanically Suspended
    Lap Sash, Pillar Mounted Seat Belt
    with Warning Buzzer if not fastened
    Visibility Mirrors:
    LH & RH External Rear View
    1 x Internal for Passenger visibility
    PA System with Microphone, Internal Speakers
    AM/FM Radio with CD Player and 4 Speakers
    Passenger Access & Seating:
    Passenger Door 2 Piece Inwards Folding Air Operated
    Passenger Seats:
    The floor is designed to suit McConnell Seats with 3
    point seat belts to comply with ADR68. Customers can
    choose the final seat spec and number of rows.
    Internal Lights:
    Located overhead and on steps
    Air Conditioning (Separate Unit):
    Control Manual
    Twin Compressors driven off Engine
    Twin Heater System run off Engine Water Pump
    Denso Compressor, Condenser Evaporator & Receiver
    20600 kcal/hr (JIS Standard)
    Heating (Separate Unit):
    Make Mikuni Corp Japan
    Capacity Front:
    Capacity Rear:
    Custom Fit Our Considerations:
    * * The FUSO MP Range is built in Japan to arrive in
    Australia in a ''''''''''''''''nearly ready to work'''''''''''''''' state. Customers
    must consider State and regional regulations and their
    own specific operational requirements in arriving at
    their final fitout.
    Drivers Storage - Small
    Low Back Driver’s seat for basic short distance driving
    Front Destination Sign Support - Preparation only,
    Fused Electrical Circuit provided
    Fluorescent Cabin Lamp and Interior Reading Lamps
    Not Provided:
    Passenger Seats
    Cruise Control
    Driver’s Sun Blind
    Destination Signs
    Damage Protection Under Body Skid Plates
    External Warnings - State Regulation based Signage
    &/or Flashing Lights
    Service Intervals:
    Interval* 15,000km, 12 Months or 300 Hours (whichever occurs
    * based on normal operating conditions and may be
    reduced when operating under severe conditions.
    ATM (Towing Capacity):
    Without Trailer Brakes 715kg
    With Trailer Brakes:
    Turning Circle (kerb to kerb) 19.8m
    Electronically Speed Limited to: *:
    100 km/h
    Engine Speed at 100km/hr (rpm):
    Gradeability at Maximum Capacity **:
    * Conforms to ADR/65
    ** This is a Theoretical Performance. Actual
    Performance May Vary Under Different Conditions).
    * Mass (est.) includes oil and water but excludes spare
    wheel, tools & fuel. Weights provided are subject to
    3.5% variation (+/-)
    12 rows of McConnell School Safe Seats used for
    mass calculation
    Mass (Estimated):
    Total* Without Seats: 10050kg
    With Seats: 10720kg
    Std: 50 seats (12 rows of passenger seats)
    H46: 46 seats (11 rows of passenger seats)
    Note: Every Bus must be plated with the final number
    of seats at time of order and this number cannot be
    Basic/Powertrain 3 Years, 200,000kms or 4,000 operating hours
    (whichever occurs first)
    Cab Perforation/Anti Corrosion:
    3 Years
    * Subject to conditions:
    Refer to your authorised Fuso Dealer for:
    Detailed information.
    Full Warranty details and limitations.
    The latest details on specifications, options, prices and availability

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