Fuso Range


  • Image of 4x2 Range vehicle

    4x2 Range

    Easy to drive and maintain, the Canter 4x2 has a model to suit almost any business application. With class leading tare weight, front and rear disc brakes and a choice of manual or Fuso's dual-clutch Duonic AMT, it has everything you need to get the job done.

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  • Image of Eco Hybrid vehicle

    Eco Hybrid

    With its parallel hybrid system and state of the art technology, the Canter Eco Hybrid maximises fuel efficiency while minimising emissions in low to medium speed applications. Its high performance lithium-ion battery requires no periodic maintenance and is backed by a 10-year warranty.

  • Image of Tipper Range vehicle

    Tipper Range

    Complete with a factory fitted body, Canter is the only Japanese tipper with limited slip diff and lug rear tyres for improved traction and off road performance. Available in 2 and 2.1 cubic metre load capacities, the entire vehicle is covered by our bumper-to-bumper warranty.

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  • Image of Crew Cab Range vehicle

    Crew Cab Range

    Seating between 6 and 7 people, Canter's Crew Cab range is ideal for small work teams. With lockable storage and controlled air conditioning in the rear compartment in our 4x2 models, the Crew Cab optimises space and comfort.

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  • Image of 4x4 Range vehicle

    4x4 Range

    Perfect for off-road driving or applications requiring extra ground clearance and traction. The Canter 4x4 range comes with 5 speed manual transmission and a Hi/Low transfer case, getting you on, and off the beaten track with ease.

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  • Image of FK Range vehicle

    FK Range

    Covering the lighter end of our medium duty range, the FK Fighter consists of 14 models. With a maximum body length of 7.7 metres, models are fitted with either a 6-speed manual or 5-speed Allison automatic transmission.

  • Image of FM Range vehicle

    FM Range

    With 10 models to choose from, our FM Fighter range has your freight needs covered. Each model comes with a 6-cylinder engine that produces 199kw/784Nm of torque and the choice of three transmission options in most wheelbases.

  • Image of FN Range vehicle

    FN Range

    Configured to carry larger payloads, our FN range is the perfect combination of medium and heavy duty. From general freight to specialised vocational work, each model has been designed to meet a different application.


  • Image of Prime Movers vehicle

    Prime Movers

    Whether it’s a metro, regional or intra-state job, the Prime Mover is designed to shift freight as efficiently as possible. There are two models depending on your application; the entry level 4x2, ideal for lighter loads, and the powerful 6x4 with greater hauling capacity.

  • Image of FV Range vehicle

    FV Range

    The FV range allows you to get tough jobs done with comfort and ease. Suited to both on and off road applications, the combination of 6x4 drive configuration and inter-axle diff lock provides greater traction and control.

  • Image of FS Range vehicle

    FS Range

    With more axles and wheels than any other Fuso, the 8x4 has the muscles to get the job done. Supporting a maximum body length of 8.3 metres, the FS is an ideal rigid truck for applications requiring high weight distribution across the front axles.


  • Image of Rosa Bus vehicle

    Rosa Bus

    Rosa makes moving people easy, safe and comfortable. Our range can be broken into two model groups; Standard and Deluxe. With the choice of 22 or 25 seat capacity, as well manual or automatic transmission, it’s clear to see why Rosa is the best-selling bus in its class twelve years running.

  • Image of MP Bus Range vehicle

    MP Bus Range

    The MP300 makes passenger transport comfortable and convenient. Whether it’s the ultra-low floor of our City Bus or the customisable seating on our School Bus, our vehicles are designed to improve accessibility. Best of all, enjoy peace of mind knowing you’re backed by Fuso’s national dealer network.